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My concept of a small poison/dragon. He wears his scales as a cloak and sings lonely songs on clear nights. Its wings can also flap powerfully and its scales are attached to its head as a hat which is also a kind of mouth.

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My second go at the disco ball Surinam toad, and most likely my last until the results of the ability discussions. I maintained the color scheme since people liked it, but I changed a lot of other things, namely to demonstrate both the Dragon typing and the disco theming more effectively. Both the big man and his entourage are decked out with some nice rockstar shades, and his little crew is now music note tadpoles rather than baby frogs.

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Here's my concept so far, it's based on the Graoully Dragon (A miasma spewing creature, which served as an allegory for Christianity "slaying" Paganism) and Spider-Tailed Horned Vipers. The idea is that it floats using the gas that's built up in it's body, while also using the tail as a shaker of sorts. (So I guess there's also some vague hints of Rattle Snake mixed into the design? Lol.) I feel the fumes serve pretty well as a hint to Throat Spray without really relying on it too much conceptually.

Overall, I feel relatively okay about this design so far. My main issues really are trying to make sure it doesn't read too much like a ghost type, which the concept of a decaying demonic serpentine dragon really does imply (Not to mention the ghastly shades of the fumes and the pale purple body), and simplifying some aspects of the design. Specifically, the teeth and spines, which are more than kinda cluttered.

Here it is! The new and improved train dragon dance! I took notes from every sketch I've made so far, including the first draft, a second draft that I didn't show here, and a sketch from my sketchbook that this iteration drew the most from. Still work to be done, mainly considering things like length and how much detail I want to stick on it but I'm feeling confident right now. Hoping for Speed Boost/Unburden as abilities. Thanks to everyone whom has given me feedback so far. :)

Design v2 (tried plumes of smoke puffing out but it didn't pan out)

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Sound the warning alarms! I think it's gonna blow!

This is a sketch of an idea I'm playing around with - A worried nuclear reactor mon, blaring the alarms because it could meltdown at any time.

I'm not sure whether I'll keep going with this or not, these are just some of the basic design elements I have in mind and a nod towards the personality flavor I'm trying to express. We'll see how it goes!
Here’s my take on the concept but with my own spin on it. I wanted to make a Dragon type that wasn’t so “dragon-y”, and settled on an aquatic creature based on whales and whale sharks. This mon spews out toxins made to resemble an oil spill, and uses these toxins to heal its battle scars. The poison soon hardens and acts as tough scales. I’ll be posting the cleaned up sketch with colors shortly. Would love to hear feedback!



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sorry if it's hard to see, tried to fit in the art of it exploding
changed some stuff around like making the wings a bit more drippy sorta. needs a bit more work on the colors but im vibing with the silhouette rn. ill make a better pose once i solidify the body shapes :)
boring inspo stuff:
it's based on a lot of things but the main idea is that it's sort of a mix between the following 3 ideas:
  • angel - takes the pivotal focal of the design, i like the idea of an angel representing dragon and poison since it's sort of rapture-like in a way. dragon needs a bit more of a push but i think it can pass as-is
  • blue glaucus - that one sea slug that everyone likes, i used that as the basis of the body plan. it's naturally venomous or whatever so i think people that know what it is will be able to draw the connection, otherwise it's relying a lot on the colors
  • acid rain - it's got a minor bit of acid rain elements on the design. unfortunately the way i wanted to showcase that is on a hypothetical animation of it just exploding. im thinking it flies around and just drips acid everywhere
i also just finished evangelion like a few months ago so that's why i chose those iconic colors :OOOO

I started from the idea of justifying the sound focus as a war cry and went from there. A design based on Norse skalds, jormungandr, and hognose snakes, with some general Viking flair thrown in. I've been calling it 'Wyrmungandr', but I don't think that name is worth even submitting to a name poll, so take it as a codename if anything.
shoebill fella.png

So, I've completely switched gears. I loved the Skald Jormungandr idea, but it wasn't really reading as a Poison type enough for my tastes. So here we have my second idea: a Shoebill punk-rocker! Might give this guy a second pass to add some more dragon elements or change up the colors, but I'm pretty confident in this one.

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